New Resources (10.2022)

Greetings District 5 AA groups! Your District representatives are pleased to announce the following:

We now have District 5 email addresses to use for District business

To contact the District Committee Member (DCM) or District Secretary, use

To contact the District Treasurer, use

To contact the District Webmaster, including meeting updates, use

We have a new District 5 Zoom account entitled “District 5 AA Michigan”

The account will be used to host AA meetings for inmates at the Calhoun County Jail

This account can be used by any District 5 group or committee to conduct District 5 business or AA meetings when it is available

If your group or committee would like to use Zoom, please contact Cindy A. or Mo H. at

Zoom is being used with remarkable success by several district groups. If you need training and/or tech support to take advantage of this terrific resource, please reach out.

These services help our District’s groups reach the alcoholic who is still suffering.